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ID: 15076
Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
Age: 12 years old
Gender: Male
Location: North Ridge Veterinary Hospital     Altered: yes
Size: Large (59-99 lbs)  Color(s): Gold- Gold (Solid)
Weight: 58.5 lbs. Tail: Straight
Other:  Coat: Feathered
Left Ear: Down
Right Ear: 
 Left eye: Brown
Right eye: 
Description: Senior pair and siblings, Duke and Katie, came from an Ohio shelter; they were turned in by their owner for financial reasons. They were so scared, frightened and shaky that the staff opted to keep them in their office for their comfort. Our transporter said they were so heartbreaking to see, and the very thin pair had to be carried to her car. Despite their fear, they both wagged their tails when petted. While they are housebroken, itís questionable if the dogs were kept indoors, at least recently.
Additional information: *Housetrained  *Current on shots