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ID: 18072
Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
Age: 6 years
Gender: Female
Location: Golden Retrievers In Need     Altered: yes
Size: Large (59-99 lbs)  Color(s): Gold- Gold (Solid)
Weight: 73.4 lbs. Tail: Straight
Other:  Coat: Feathered
Left Ear: Down
Right Ear: 
 Left eye: Brown
Right eye: 
Description: Charlotte was a breeding dog and is frightened as can be--she's had little social interaction. That said, our transport girl made a little headway with her. How? She used "baby talk," the gentlest of voices. Char responded with wags and face licks. Her assessment was that the scared little girl would quickly come around quite nicely. She's also a gorgeous gal with a blocky head. Due to her background, our IFA group knew she'd do best with our trainer/foster, who is GRIN's very own dog whisperer. Stay tuned for updates.
Additional information: *Housetrained  *Current on shots