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ID: 19168
Breed: Flat-coated Retriever (purebred)
Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Location: Golden Retrievers In Need     Altered: yes
Size: Large (59-99 lbs)  Color(s): Black- Black (Solid)
Weight: 61.3 lbs. Tail: Straight
Other:  Coat: Feathered
Left Ear: Down
Right Ear: 
 Left eye: Brown
Right eye: 
Description: Shadow came from a shelter - this handsome guy was relinquished by his owner as he was too energetic for the family. He needs training, lots of guidance and exercise daily. Our transporter noted while he was a bit of a busybody on the ride, once out at our vet partners, he was calmer and interested in sniffing. He was a good boy and was quiet for picture snapping. He’ll settle and be a great dog.
Additional information: *Housetrained  *Current on shots