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Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc. (GRIN)

Adoption Application
Once you have completed the application and have seen the confirmation screen, please close this window to get back to the GRIN website.

You MUST be 21 years or older to apply for adoption or fostering and live within our adoption area. Due to our adoption procedures (home visit required) GRIN can only accept applications from residents of northeast Ohio, the greater Columbus, Ohio, area, and western Pennsylvania and within an hour of Erie, Pennsylvania. Please check the Available Goldens area of our website to see if your county is included in our area. If you live in Northwestern Ohio, please visit Golden Retriever Rescue Resource. If you live in Southern Ohio, please contact GRRAND. If you live in Southwestern PA, please contact WAGS. If you live outside of these areas, please visit Golden Retriever Club of America, Rescue by State for a golden rescue in your area.

GRIN is staffed with volunteers dedicated to finding the perfect forever home for displaced golden retrievers. Because we do not offer compensation, we must rely on volunteers with limited availability to help us place these dogs. Nearly all of our volunteers have full-time jobs, families, and other interests outside of GRIN. Therefore, the adoption process can take 8-10 weeks to complete. This includes a veterinary reference (if applicable), a phone interview, home visit and finally, meeting the golden that matches your preferences. Some adoptions can take longer, some are processed more quickly. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the approval process.
Once your application has been approved, please do not ask to meet a specific dog. The website description of our dogs is only a brief synopsis of the golden; it is not meant to provide detailed information about its personality. Many times the dog in which you have a specific interest in may already be meeting another family. GRIN requires all adopters to have a meet and greet with the dog you have been matched with before allowing a meet and greet with another golden. Trust us in knowing that we will match you with the right golden for your family.
Please read and initial the following:
Yes, I have read the Adoption Process section of your website and confirmed I am in your adoption area.
* This field is required.
If you get a dog elsewhere, please email to let us know.
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I understand that if I have a vacation planned, a dog will NOT be held for me.
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Please add to your safe sender's email in case we have any questions.
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I understand the Adoption Process can take weeks to months depending on the availability of volunteers and any additional information needed to complete the process.
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About You
Please note: When filling out this form you must either use the tab key or your mouse to move to the next field. Using the enter key will submit the form incompletely.
Please specify if this application is for Adoption, Foster or Foster to Adopt:
First and Last Name
Street Address
Work Hours (indicate days and times)
Co-Applicant's Occupation
Work Hours (indicate days and times)
Co-Applicant's Relationship to You
Applicant's phone numbers
Home phone
Cell phone
Work phone
Co-Applicant's phone numbers
Home phone
Cell phone
Work phone
Best time to contact the applicant
Applicant Email Address - Please note: If this is not filled out correctly, your email confirmation may not be delivered to you. Also, please look for "GRIN" in the subject line in case our email response is sent to your spam folder.
Is anyone home during the day? If so, who?
Have you applied to GRIN before?
If so, when?
What was your outcome (adoption, rejection, other)?
Have you ever fostered for GRIN before?
Approximate Annual Household Income - please write "yes" in the box opposite the appropriate range. Bear in mind that the expense of maintaining a Golden Retriever is at least $800 per year.
$5,000 to $20,000
$20,000 to $50,000
$50,000 to $100,000
Over $100,000
Are you a GRIN member?
How did you hear about GRIN? Please be specific as you can: from a friend, found your website, saw GRIN members at a store or event, given GRIN promotional material, etc.
Have you currently applied to another rescue (golden retriever or otherwise)?
If so, when and what is the status of your application?
When will you be ready for adoption?
About Your Perfect Match
Please indicate what age or age range you are willing to consider:

Will you consider a special needs golden? (Yes/No)
Will you consider a mix? (Yes/No)
Will you consider a doodle? (Yes/No)
Will you consider a pair? (Yes/No)
What activity level are you looking for?
Use a scale of 1-5 (5 being a highly energetic dog and 1 being a very quiet dog)
What type of activities are you planning on doing with your dog? (walking, running, hiking, agility, therapy, etc.)
Have you owned a dog before as an adult?
Has any dog you owned had behavior, temperament, or medical issues? If so, please describe briefly.
If you have not owned a Golden Retriever before, please briefly describe the research you have done about the breed and let us know why you have chosen to rescue a Golden.
Have you ever rescued a dog before? If so, how? (Self, shelter, rescue organization)
About Your Family and Household
Please state the names, relationships and ages of all individuals in your household (excluding yourself and your co-applicant)
If you do not have young children (under 10) in your household but there are young children who visit regularly, please give their ages and the frequency of their visits.
Please note: due to the many unknowns relative to rescue dogs, we do not place dogs in foster homes with children under 10 years old.
Have your children or those that visit your home been raised with a dog? Taught to respect a dog? Please describe your children's behavior around dogs (are they afraid of jumping, do they play rough, etc.)
Does anyone in your family have a physical or mental disability? If so, please describe.
Does anyone in your family have allergies? If so, please describe.
Do you run an in-home child day care? If so, how many children?
Do you run an in-home dog daycare? If so, how many dogs?
Please state the names, ages and types of all pets that are currently in your home, as well as describing their personalities and activity levels.
Are your current pets (dogs and cats only) spayed or neutered? (Yes/No)
Are your current pets up to date on their vaccinations? (Yes/No)
Are your current pets up to date on their heartworm testing? (Yes/No)
Are your current pets up to date on their heartworm preventative regimen? (Yes/No)
If you answered “NO” to any of the previous 4 questions, please explain.
Do any of your current pets have special needs? (Yes/No)
If so, please describe the special needs.
If this pet is in addition to others in your home, why do you want another pet?
About Your Home
Describe your residence (single family, condo, duplex, etc)
Do you rent or own?
Please note: If you are currently renting your home, your application will not be processed without a letter from your landlord stating that you have permission to have a Golden Retriever. Please send letter to GRIN, Applications, P. O. Box 24365, Cleveland, OH 44124. Without it, your application WILL NOT be considered.
How long have you lived in your current home?
Do you have a completely fenced-in back yard? (Yes/No)
Do you have a completely fenced-in front yard? (Yes/No)
Describe the fence type and height:
If you use invisible or electronic fencing, what type is it?
o Commercial (Invisible Fence Brand, Pet Stop, other commercial brand) (Yes/No)
o If other, what is the brand name?
o Self-installed? (Yes/No)
Do you have a doggy door? (Yes/No)
If you do not have a fence, how will the dog be managed when outside?
If you do not have a fence, are you willing to install one?
Without a traditional fence or a name brand invisible fence that is GRIN approved, you will only be eligible for a dog 6 years of age or older.
No self-installed or wireless fences are permitted for dogs under the age of 6.
Please initial:
* This field is required.
Please note: Fencing is required if you are looking to adopt a dog 5 years old or younger. The fence may be a traditional fence (48 inches or higher and made of a sturdy material such as wood, chain link, vinyl, etc.) or electronic if purchased from an established company that offers formal training as part of the purchase. Also, in keeping with GRIN's belief that all dogs must be supervised when out of doors, potential GRIN adopters who have doggy doors at their homes will be asked to agree to disable the doors whenever they are away from home. All doggy doors must open into fenced areas.
Approximate yard size
About Your Pet History
Please state the names and types of pets you have previously owned. Indicate the dates you owned the pets (years are fine) and what happened to the pet (ran way, put to sleep, hit by car, etc.)
Were all of your previous pets (dogs and cats only) spayed/neutered? (Yes/No)
Were your previous pets up to date on their vaccinations? (Yes/No)
Were your previous pets up to date on their heartworm testing? (Yes/No)
Were your previous pets up to date on their heartworm preventative regimen? (Yes/No)
Your vet must be able to verify heartworm medication purchase and/or you will need to show receipts for on-line purchases for the entire past year. No exceptions.
Please initial:
* This field is required.
If you answered “NO” to any of the previous 4 questions, please explain
Did any of your previous pets have special needs? (Yes/No)
If so, please describe.
Were your previous pets ‘rescued’? If so, please explain how - Shelter, Rescue Organization, Self.
Have you ever sold, given away, or put a pet into a shelter?
* This field is required.
Have you ever bred a dog? If so, please explain (include breed and dates)
After Your Adoption
Will you keep a collar on your dog? (Yes/No)
If so, please describe what kind.
If not, please explain why not.
Where will the dog be kept during the day when you are not at home?
Where will the dog sleep at night?
Will your dog be allowed on the furniture? (Yes/No)
Will your dog be allowed on the bed? (Yes/No)
Will your dog have the run of the house? (Yes/No/When Trustworthy)
Will you use a crate? (Yes/No/Until Trustworthy/Only if the dog likes a crate)
If yes, where will the crate be placed?
How much grooming will you do? (None/Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
Who will do your grooming?
How will you provide the exercise that this dog requires?
Please note: All dogs ages 4 and under, and any others at GRIN's discretion, will be required to enroll in formal obedience training within 30 days of adoption. Please enter your initials here to indicate your acceptance of this requirement.
All of our rescue dogs would greatly benefit from training. Formal training (i.e., enroll the dog in a class, send the dog to a trainer, bring a trainer to your home) is the best form of training. Self training at home will also work in some cases. If you have chosen a formal trainer, please give us the name of the trainer or organization that you will be using.
What will you do with your dog when you are on vacation?
Is there any additional information you would like to add?
Your Veterinary Information
Please be aware that veterinary reference checks are done on every application. Your dogs and cats must be current in their vaccinations and preventions consistent with your veterinarian's recommendations for your application to be considered. In addition, without complete veterinarian information, we will not be able to process your application.
Please list your current veterinarian, including name, address, phone number. * This field is required. If you do not have a current vet, please type in n/a.
Please note: You MUST call your vet and authorize them to release your history. If this is not done, it will cause delays in the processing of your application!
How long have you been a client of your current vet?
Is your vet history under a different last name? If so, please provide.
Please list your previous veterinarian, including name, address, phone number.
Indicate the years you were a client of your previous vet and why you no longer use them.
May these individuals be contacted regarding past or present pets? (Yes/No)
May these individuals be contacted regarding any dog you may obtain through G.R.I.N.? (Yes/No)
To avoid delays in the processing of your application, please take a few moments to look over what you have filled out. Make sure you have included the phone numbers of your current and previous veterinarians.
We will be in touch with you periodically to answer any questions that you might have and to ensure that both you and the pet are getting along well.

By clicking the 'Save' button, I hereby attach my signature to this document. I attest that I have read and completed the above to the best of my knowledge and agree to the conditions contained therein.

To avoid sending multiple applications, please click the save button only once as it takes a few moments to compile and send the above information. Thank you.