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Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc. (GRIN)



• Applicant must be 21 years or older to submit an application.
• Applicant must live within our adoption area.
• If you are considering submitting an application to adopt a golden or golden mix from GRIN, your resident dog(s) must be current in their vaccinations, annual heartworm testing, and on monthly heartworm prevention consistent with your veterinarian’s recommendations.
• A fence is required to adopt a dog under the age of 6. A physical fence (4 feet or higher) or electronic (invisible fence) if purchased from an established company that offers formal training as part of the purchase are acceptable.
• All GRIN goldens ages 4 and younger and any others at our discretion are required to be enrolled in formal obedience training within 30 days of their adoption.
• Due to safety and liability concerns, GRIN does not accept applications to FOSTER from families with children under 10 years of age residing full or part time in their home.
• Applicant must be financially able to care for a dog. The average care of a golden is $800-$1200/year.
• Please read through the Adoption Process section of the GRIN website at

Please initial here that you have read the materials and understand the requirements:


If you meet and/or agree with the above requirements you can proceed with completing the online application. We will process your application as soon as possible. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your application process to begin and the entire process can take up to 8 weeks or more depending on the availability of our volunteers and you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Please note: When filling out this form you must either use the tab key or your mouse to move to the next field. Using the enter key will submit an incomplete form.

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   Adoption   Foster   Foster with intent to adopt  
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Please look for GRIN in the subject line as sometimes our emails are sent to the spam folder. You will receive a welcome letter from when we process your application.

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If yes, outcome?
Have you applied to another rescue?
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How did you hear about GRIN?
1. Please list all members of the household including yourself (Name, Relationship and Age):
2. If you do not have young children (under 10) in your home, but who regularly visit, please give their ages and the frequency of their visits?
3. Do you or any member of your household have any physical or medical conditions (including allergies) that should be taken into consideration relative to identifying and appropriate adoptive dog for your home?
   Yes  No  
If yes, please explain:
4. Is there anyone regularly home during the day?
   Yes  No  
If yes, please describe who and how often:

If no, do you have a dog sitter or dog walker?
5. What activities will you do with your dog on a regular basis?
6. Please describe your current home:
   Single Family Home   Condo/Townhouse   Apartment   Other  
7. Do you rent or own?
   Own   Rent  

If you are currently renting your residence, please include a copy of your lease or a letter from the management company stating that you have permission to own a Golden Retriever. Please mail to: GRIN, P.O. Box 24365, Cleveland, OH 44124 or email to: Thank you!

8. How long have you lived in your current residence?
9. Do you have a fenced yard?
   Yes  No  
If yes, what type is it?
If it is solid or chain link, how tall is the fence?
If an invisible fence, what is the brand name?
10. If you do not have a fence, how will your Golden be managed when outside?
11. Do you have a pool, pond or creek or any other water on your property?
12. Where will the dog be kept when you are not home?
13. Please list all pets currently living in your household? (Name, Age, Sex, Spayed/Neutered, Breed and Personality)
14. Please list all dogs owned in the past: (Name, Breed, Spayed/Neutered, Years owned and what happened to the pet)
15. Have you owned a golden before?
   Yes  No  
If not, have you done research on the breed?
   Yes  No  
16. What gender do you prefer?
   Male   Female   No preference  
17. What age will you consider? (Check all that apply.)
   Puppy to 12 months   1-3 years   4-7 years   8+ years  
18. Will you consider a bonded pair of Goldens?
   Yes  No  Maybe  
19. Will you consider a "special needs" Golden?
   Yes  No  Maybe  
20. Will you consider a Golden mix?
   Yes  No  Maybe  
21. Will you consider a Goldendoodle?
   Yes  No  Maybe  
22. What activity level are you looking for? (Use a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highly energetic and 1 being very quiet.)
   1   2   3   4   5   No preference  

Please contact your vet(s) within 1 business day of application submission and give them permission to release information to GRIN.


23. Please list your current veterinarian.

Name of Practice
Client since (year)?

Note: If less than 5 years, please list previous veterinarian.

Name of Practice
Time frame?

Why did you leave?

I have read and completed the above to the best of my knowledge and agree to the conditions contained therein of this Adoption Application.


By clicking the 'Save' button, I hereby attach my signature to this document. I attest that I have read and completed the above to the best of my knowledge and agree to the conditions contained therein.

To avoid sending multiple applications, please click the save button only once as it takes a few moments to compile and send the above information. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a GRIN dog and for taking the time to fill out this application. Once you have completed the application and have seen the confirmation screen, please close this window to get back to the GRIN website.

GRIN is staffed with volunteers dedicated to finding the perfect forever home for displaced golden retrievers. Because we do not offer compensation, we must rely on volunteers with limited availability to help us place these dogs. Nearly all of our volunteers have full-time jobs, families, and other interests outside of GRIN. Therefore, the adoption process can be lengthy to complete. This includes a veterinary reference (if applicable), a phone interview, home visit and finally, meeting the golden that matches your preferences. The more restrictions you put on the type of dog you will accept the longer it can take. Some adoptions can take longer, some are processed more quickly. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the approval process.